Testimonial #272

I had lower back pain for almost 2 years after an injury from deadlifting with bad technique. I had been treated by another osteopath with no improvement. Then on recommendation from a friend I saw Michael. Previously I had experienced bad pain during the night that would sometimes keep me awake but after my first appointment I had complete relief for about a month. Just two more appointments and my back pain was gone completely. Would highly recommend Michael!

Testimonial #273

I initially saw Michael by default because my then osteopath was full and I was in back crisis. I have been seeing Michael ever since. Michael has a recovery approach, he sets me homework so I can improve my problem in between appointments. I have had ongoing problems with my neck but after my pregnancy I lost all the strength and stability in my inner core, which led to lower back problems and my pelvis was sat at a funny angle. He has helped me to understand my problems and together we have solved them. I have full movement in my pelvis and a much stronger inner core. I no longer attend in crisis but as part of a plan. Thankyou Michael

Testimonial #274

I started out with an odd noise/movement my lower back was making about a year ago, and a friend recommended Michael. With his unique and wonderful way of working, he released my back and re-activated my core through a series of exercises that increasingly challenged my ability upwards. All it took was a few moments every day (or every other day) and the difference
was amazing. I wholeheartedly recommended Michael to a whole bunch of friends and family, and will continue to do so!

Testimonial #256

**Excellent!!!** I have seen Michael for both Osteopathy/Perrin Technique treatment on many occasions. He is a kind, professional and dedicated practitioner whose extensive training and knowledge is clear to see, and can help people with a variety of health issues. His Naturopathic approach means he does not just treat the symptoms but identifies the root cause of a problem. Many of my back/hip structural issues had been present since childhood. I am continuing to progress with these with Michael through Osteopathy and specific exercises. My back is positively unrecognisable! Amazing service, very grateful – thank you!!

Testimonial #257

Michael is there when ever needed to support and encourage; giving both professional advice and treatment as well as self help routines for home. I can’t recommend him enough!

Testimonial #258

I have had regular Osteopathy appointments with Michael, from Osteopathy at Home, for a number of years following my first appointment after my lower back seized up. After my first appointment Michael implemented a gradual increase in time between appointments and I now see him every three months for what I call my “back maintenance.” It is hard to put into words the complete service Michael offers as he certainly doesn’t stop at only carrying out my “back maintenance”. He is very forthcoming with suggesting suitable strengthening and stability exercises and will offer advice and interesting discussion about the body and how it works. His knowledge in all of these areas is extremely competent and he clearly has a great desire to improve his own personal knowledge through external training. Michaels manner during appointments is as good as it gets. I have never felt uncomfortable during an appointment and can imagine that he adapts this manner accordingly for each of his clients. If I was asked to recommend an Osteopath, Michael would come very highly recommended.

Testimonial #259

Brilliant, Professional & very caring. Always the most thorough examination followed by excellent treatment. I have no hesitation in giving out contact details to anyone I meet who complains about their back.

Testimonial #260

Michael Parr is without a doubt the most skilled and amazing osteopath I have ever met. His clinical and diagnostic skills are second to none. After a very bad fall and seeing 3 osteopaths for most of last year, Michael diagnosed and ‘fixed’ me in one visit ! It has taken some more visits to remedy the root cause and set me on the path to health, but I have now completed two walking marathons and contemplating a 10k run, something I would never have entertained at the beginning of last year. His approach is the complete package, with ‘hands on’ work, advice and exercises, as well as gentle, secure and professional attitude. I would wholeheartedly recommend him in a second. Top dude! 🙂

Testimonial #261

I have only just started seeing Michael for ongoing back problems, and already I don’t know what I’d do without him! Michael makes you feel completely comfortable, and never ceases to impress me with his confident knowledge of the body and its treatment. After just 2 sessions I’m already starting to feel 23 again rather than the 90yr old woman I felt like before. Michael’s in depth treatments have been worth every penny. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone struggling with physical pain, especially if you feel nothing has worked so far! I certainly won’t be going back.

Testimonial #262

When I first met Michael, I was walking on crutches and at times wheelchair bound due to severe PGP from my pregnancy. I noticed a HUGE difference after the first session with Michael. 3 sessions later and I was totally cured!!! I would recommend Michael 100% I found him to be very patient, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all your help Michael X