Testimonial #272

I had lower back pain for almost 2 years after an injury from deadlifting with bad technique. I had been treated by another osteopath with no improvement. Then on recommendation from a friend I saw Michael. Previously I had experienced bad pain during the night that would sometimes keep me awake but after my first appointment I had complete relief for about a month. Just two more appointments and my back pain was gone completely. Would highly recommend Michael!

Testimonial #273

I initially saw Michael by default because my then osteopath was full and I was in back crisis. I have been seeing Michael ever since. Michael has a recovery approach, he sets me homework so I can improve my problem in between appointments. I have had ongoing problems with my neck but after my pregnancy I lost all the strength and stability in my inner core, which led to lower back problems and my pelvis was sat at a funny angle. He has helped me to understand my problems and together we have solved them. I have full movement in my pelvis and a much stronger inner core. I no longer attend in crisis but as part of a plan. Thankyou Michael

Testimonial #274

I started out with an odd noise/movement my lower back was making about a year ago, and a friend recommended Michael. With his unique and wonderful way of working, he released my back and re-activated my core through a series of exercises that increasingly challenged my ability upwards. All it took was a few moments every day (or every other day) and the difference
was amazing. I wholeheartedly recommended Michael to a whole bunch of friends and family, and will continue to do so!

Testimonial #262

When I first met Michael, I was walking on crutches and at times wheelchair bound due to severe PGP from my pregnancy. I noticed a HUGE difference after the first session with Michael. 3 sessions later and I was totally cured!!! I would recommend Michael 100% I found him to be very patient, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you so much for all your help Michael X

Testimonial #263

Michael Parr has not only given my daughter Claire her life back, but mine too. The constant worry of your daughter, in the prime of her life, suffering from fatigue was unbearable. Claire has been having the Perrin technique over the last 4 years, which she has considerably benefited from and gone from strength to strength. I am rarely reminded of Claire’s illness now as she works full time, goes to the gym, has passed her driving test and bought her own car as well as having some amazing holidays (including skiing/Paris/Amsterdam/Barcelona). Claire is radiant, energetic and happy 21 year old, who is embracing life and we have Michael Parr and the Perrin technique to thank for this fantastic transformation.

Testimonial #264

Michael always works hard to find the best way to work with and treat individuals to suit each one in the best way that benefits them in the long run, adapting, simplifying and finding alternative exercises if needed. Michael is always happy to go over these should you become unsure of them. Michael knows his information/facts well and always answers any questions you have in a way that’s easy to understand. All the treatment and exercises has helped a lot and got things moving and working again.10/10 thanks for all your hard work and continuous enthusiasm!

Testimonial #265

Michael is amazing ! He is very thorough, never skips over any details ! I have always found his aim is to help you to improve every inch of the way & he really cares ! I rely on his treatment & never hesitate to give out his number.

Testimonial #267

Michael deserves far more than 5 stars! His knowledge and enthusiasm for his profession are exceptional and he always sorts me out when my ageing body starts to protest about the rigours of belly dancing and mad long-distance walking. Highly recommended!

Testimonial #252

I spent thousands of pounds at private clinics and doctors but no one could help me. I was introduced to Michael at Osteopathy at Home about four years ago, Michael has been the only person able to diagnose my condition and help me with my various physical problems. Michael is very professional and has immense knowledge and he is able to answer all my questions. I am very happy to find such a professional person who can help me so much. I truly recommend Osteopathy at Home to anyone that is suffering from various muscle and joint aches. Thank you Michael very much!