Our services

We specialise in osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation, ensuring it meets the highest standards, giving you the most succinct care and advice.

These osteopathic and natural health care practices are offered in a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet your specific requirements.

Practitioners have to be registered with their primary registration body, so there is the assurance that all practitioners are highly-trained, with a commitment to continual professional development.

All are dedicated to helping many different neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions and needs of everybody from the newborn to the elderly.

Our treatments are provided as a Home Visit Service, takes away all the difficulties of going to a clinic, while still experiencing the same level of Professional Osteopathic Service received if attending a clinic. Anywhere within an Accessible Radius of Hitchin and Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

For assistance in seeing if this service can help you, please contact our dedicated team on. To secure an appointment please contact us.

There are many reasons people choose to use this service. Common reasons people use the Home Visit Service:

  • Patient has been recommended to use our Hertfordshire home visit service.
  • Patient is in too much pain to move and travel to clinic.
  • Patient feels more at ease being treated in a familiar environment.
  • Patient wishes to eliminate the difficulties involved in preparing for and attending a clinic.
  • Patient suffers from agoraphobia.
  • Patient is immobile, or, homebound.
  • Patient wishes to develop a prehabilitation and rehabilitation approach.
  • Osteopathy At Home provides specialist diagnosis and treatment approaches no other local clinic provides.