Rates for Home Visit Consultation and Treatment, and if necessary, Additional Treatments, are priced at transparent set rates:

Hitchin and Stevenage


Initial Consultation, and Osteopathic Treatment (45 minutes) £120 / 135
Additional Consultations and Osteopathic Treatments (30 minutes) £90 / 95

Dynamic Exercise Therapy:

Initial Consultation, and Exercise Treatment (45 minutes) £120 / 135
Additional Consultations and Exercise Treatments (30 minutes) £90 / 95

Perrin Technique:

Initial Consultation (1 Hour Consultation) £240 / 255
Follow on Consultations and Treatments (30 minutes) £90 / 95

Complex Case Consultation:

Initial Consultation, and Treatment (1.5 Hour Consultation) £240 / 255
Additional Double Consultations and Treatments (1 Hour Consultation) £160 / 175

Rates at 5pm and after, incur an additional £5-£15 as shown above.

Remote Consultation Services:

We are able to provide Remote Initial and Follow-Up Consultation and Treatment, Clinical Diagnostic Assessment, Clinical Guidance and Discussion, and Dynamic Exercise Therapy Treatment. These will be provided in the form of over the phone Consultation and Online Video and Audio Consultation. These services are priced at similar transparent set rates.

(Unless additional charges have been agreed)
(Prices correct as of April 2022, Subject to change)

Payment can be made direct On Appointment, by Cash, Cheque, or Card.

Receipts can be provided on request. Patients are required to settle all fees on the day of Consultation or treatment.

Patients can often reclaim costs of Osteopathic Care. Where treatment is covered by an insurance policy, Direct Insurance payment is not accepted, unless confirmed prior to booking the appointment. It is the responsibility of the patient, to settle fees, and to reclaim fees directly from the insurance company / provider. It is important to be aware, that it is the patient’s responsibility to contact their insurance provider prior to Osteopathic Consultation to establish whether Osteopathy and the attendance at this clinic is covered, and ensure that the terms of their contract or policy with the insurer are not infringed, what conditions may apply to the policy, and that cover is appropriate.