Testimonial #282

I have been lucky enough to have received treatment with Michael Parr for the last 4 years (and still ongoing). I first found out about Michael whilst looking into the Perrin technique, which I had been recommended to try by a fellow sufferer. Before starting treatment with Michael, I was suffering with extreme fatigue – sleeping nearly 18 hours of a 24 hour day and still not feeling refreshed, I was also suffering from debilitating headaches, sore throats, as well as muscle, back and joint pains. Although I would have good and bad days, I could never do anything to physically exert myself or I would suffer a relapse. Months and months go by now where I don’t even think about the symptoms. I have maintained a full time job for the past two and a half years and can do everything a fit and healthy person would be able to do without having a setback. I honestly do not believe this would have been possible without Michael Parr and also the Perrin technique. He is always reliable, arriving promptly and never rushing to leave even if I may require more treatment on the occasional visit. His professionalism and knowledge never fails to amaze me. I would highly recommend Michael Parr.

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