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The clinic

Osteopathy At Home in Stevenage and Hitchin is an osteopathy and adjunctive health clinic, founded by Michael Parr (Osteopathic Principal) of the Hitchin and Stevenage Home Visit Clinic.


We are able to provide the Osteopathic Home Visit Services in and around Hitchin and Stevenage. Confirmation will be provided on booking the appointment.

Health blog intent

Over the coming months, Osteopathy At Home osteopathyathome.co.uk will post blogs of interest and education to assist in the discussion of adjunctive health care.

These include Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Thoracic Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Elbow Pain, and Knee Pain, to say a few!


If you have any questions about how Michael Parr and Osteopathy At Home can use osteopathy and his knowledge to help you, please call 01462 290 433 or email Info@OsteopathyAtHome.co.uk

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